Finalists Announced: Whistler Independent Book Prize

Whistler Independent Book Prize – Manuscript Competition

Finalists for the inaugural Whistler Independent Book Prize Manuscript Competition, open to Canadian authors have been announced.

Finalists …

  • Louis Druehl, The Kawai Scrolls (fiction)
  • Amber Cowie, Rapid Falls (fiction)
  • Paul Suter, Formerly Known as Paul (non-fiction)

Two excellent submissions deserve recognition and so the Tidewater Evaluation Committee awarded Honourable Mentions to:

  • Jolyon Hallows, A Parkinson’s Life: And a Caregiver’s Roadmap (non-fiction)
  • John Hurst, The Armature Winder’s Daughter (non-fiction)

The complete manuscripts for the three finalists were judged  by previous WIBA award winners Byrna Barclay and Miji Campbell, and the winner will be announced on April 22.

 The winner will receive a full publishing package, including design, editing and printing, with a book launch at the Whistler Writers Festival, Oct 12-15.