Fundraising Books

Helping non-profit groups to publish books for fundraising and promotion. Our self-funding book models help not-for-profits to cover production costs, minimizing risk.

Pre-selling to a target audience

Books are funded from pre-sales generated through a marketing campaign via existing channels to reach the target audience of book buyers (eg mailing lists, newsletters, email, social media, events).

Suitable for organizations with:

  • a large community of members/supporters
  • defined audience with proven interest in the book content
  • established communication channels, especially social media
  • a dedicated group of project promoters

Grants plus corporate sponsorship

Production costs are covered through a combination of grants and corporate sponsors. Organisation members or supportors provide the book’s content and proceeds from sales can be applied as the organization or society chooses.

Suitable for organizations with:

  • popular content that appeals to an audience beyond supporters
  • a diverse pool of potential authors/contributors
  • a marketing strategy that provides benefit to corporate sponsors
  • a small group of key organisers

Supporters pay to contribute content

Contributors buy a page or pages and upload personal content which is then professionally edited and laid-out. All contributors approve an electronic ‘proof’ of their page(s) and then receive a copy of the completed book.

Suitable for organizations with:

  • established communication channels, especially social media
  • a group of supporters able to access multiple networks
  • strong thematic and design parameters to allow integration of diverse content