Whistler Independent Book Awards 2016


Barclay, Byrna – House of the White Elephant (Fiction)
Campbell, Miji – Separation Anxiety: A Coming of Middle Age Story (Non-fiction)
Fostaty, Gerry – Stage Business (Crime fiction)
Sobat, Gail Sidonie – How the Light Is Spent (Poetry)

Fiction Finalists

Curran, Kath – Before It Was Easy
Gale, Shawn – The Stories That Make Us 

Non-fiction Finalists

Veldhuis, Oriole A. Vane – For Elise: Unveiling the Forgotten Woman on the Criddle Homestead
Ziegler, Maggie – The Road to Keringet

Crime Fiction Finalists

Bailey, D.F. – Bone Maker
Donald, R.E. – Sundown on Top of the World

Poetry Finalists

Barkley, Gloria – Water Window Mirror
Woodland, Alan – Out of the Mist

Fiction Nominees

Alexander, Mark – Danny, What Are You Doing?
Barker, Donna – Mother Theresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers
Bishop, Ev – Bigger Things
​Cameron, Mark – Goodnight Sunshine
Duffy, Ron – Crossed Lives
Hislop, Laurel – Chitchat
Shepard, Caroline – Unlit Spaces

Non-fiction Nominees

Bendall, Pamela Roy – What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo
Clews, Graham – The Sound of Silence
Hill, Leslie – Dressed for Dancing: My Sojourn in the Findhorn Foundation
Layton, Monique – The New Arcadia: Tahiti’s Cursed Myth
Loney, Bretton – Rebel with a Cause: the Doc Nikaido Story
Service, Dawn – The Cabin: A Misanthropic Journal
Williams, Megan – Our Interrupted Fairytale

Crime Fiction Nominees 

Brown, T.G. – O’Henry
Wong, S.G. – In for a Pound

Poetry Nominees

Braun, Connie – Unspoken: an Inheritance of Words
Knight, Rosalind – Songs of Zambia
Swede, George – Micro Haiku: Three to Nine Syllables

Honourable Mentions

Amodeo, Merle – After Love
Ashe, Carol – Out of the Storm
Blomfield, Sharon – The Sifnos Chronicles: Tales from a Greek Isle
Burnell, David E. – In Moonlight’s Shadow
Cascioli, Lucia – Letters to the Grave
C., Joe – Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for a 12-Step Life
Druehl, Louis – Cedar, Salmon and Weed
Duffy, Ron – O’Hanlon
Engleson, Bill – Like a Child to Home
Ghulam, Elen – Graffiti Hack
Glover, William A. – Tales of a Mad Miner
Hancock, Lyn – The Ring: Memories of a Metis Grandmother
Kenyon, Anthony – The Recorded History of the Liard Basin 1790-1910
Marshall, Claire – The Violet Fox
McLean, J.P. – The Gift: Awakening
McWilliams, James L. – A Secret of the Sphinx
Pool, Annalies – Free Love
Stange, Ken – Going Home: Cycling through the Heart of America
Suelo, Del – I Am Free
Swede, George – Embryo: Eye Poems
Tasi, Mary & Wade Baker – The Hidden Journals: Captain Vancouver & His Mapmaker
Tracz, Orysia – First Star I See Tonight

WIBA 2018 Entries

Entries are now closed for the 2018 WIBAs. The shortlist will be announced May 31.

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