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Wandering Fox Books is a new young adult fiction imprint of Heritage House Publishing, catering to young readers, ages eight to sixteen. Wandering Fox young adult fiction titles are timeless Canadian stories by bestselling, award-winning authors who have strong sales records and loyal fan bases among kids, parents, librarians, and educators. The imprint was launched as a collaboration between Heritage House and Vivalogue Publishing. This collaboration combined Heritage House’s long history of publishing stories by and about Canadians with Vivalogue’s connections to independent authors and non-traditional markets.

Wandering Fox Young Adult Books

New Submissions

Vivalogue Publishing is looking for out-of-print, quality Canadian young adult fiction to republish. If you are the author of a young adult fiction title you would like to re-publish, please contact us.

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb

Originally published in 2008 by Key Porter Books, Out on a Limb by Gail Banning was nominated for the Canadian Library Association’s Book of the Year for Children Award. Key Porter ceased operations in 2011 but long after the story of a family who move into a treehouse was out of print, demand for the Vancouver-set novel continued.

In 2013, Gail decided to re-publish through Vivalogue, and her book is being distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing.

In addition to re-designing and printing Out on a Limb, Vivalogue also hosts an author website for Gail Banning.

Visit Gail Banning’s website