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All our services are tailored specifically to individual requirements and needs. We can provide as much or as little help as you require. Our goal is to help you create a professional-quality book or publication in the most cost-effective way possible.

Vivalogue was founded in 2010 with one guiding principle: to provide professional services and advice to assist writers in the self-publishing process. We ensure that you are your own publisher, in complete control of every stage of your project, before, during and after publication.


LYNN DUNCAN is the founder and director of Vivalogue Publishing. After a successful career in Human Resources with particular emphasis on interviewing and instructional design, she started Vivalogue as an author services company dedicated to providing unbiased information and affordably priced assistance to help authors genuinely self-publish.

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Telephone: (604) 522-6222

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Publishing your book can be a daunting experience. Vivalogue was established to make your journey a straightforward, transparent and rewarding experience.

We offer honest, unbiased advice, based on more than ten years’ experience. We help authors to genuinely self-publish their manuscript, with no hidden fees, charges or royalties.

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