Book Editing Services

Research and Writing

Vivalogue staff have many years’ professional experience as researchers and writers and can provide original copywriting for businesses, ghost-writing for individuals and additional research for authors.


We offer professional editing at all levels. The editing process is a collaborative one between editor and author; the editor’s role is to advocate on behalf of the reader and to strengthen the author’s voice.

  • Substantive editing for structure, characterization, plot and content for fiction; major argument and narrative structure for non-fiction.
  • Copy-editing for narrative and stylistic consistency, fact-checking, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Proofreading for spelling, punctuation, grammar and stylistic consistency.

Manuscript evaluation and substantive editing
Cost from $800

Cost from $0.040
per word (manuscript)

Cost  $3.00
per page (typeset)


Publishing your book can be a daunting experience. Vivalogue was established to make your journey a straightforward, transparent and rewarding experience.

We offer honest, unbiased advice, based on more than ten years’ experience. We help authors to genuinely self-publish their manuscript, with no hidden fees, charges or royalties.


Vivalogue Publishing co-adminsters the annual Whistler Independent Book Awards (WIBAs). These are the only juried prizes for fiction and non-fiction, open exclusively to Canadian self-published authors. Sponsored by The Writers Union of Canada.

Visit the WIBA website to learn more.

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